I don’t need a plane to reach great heights

I just have to look straight into your eyes

From sky high to solid ground

With you I feel found

The all and the nothing

The hurt and the laughing

The love and the hate

All the feelings we can create

Yours are mine

And mine are yours

When we open up

We’ll reach the top

And hit rock bodem

All boundaries fade

No light and no shade

The all

And the nothing

Is between us

Is beyond us

Will take us

May break us

Will leave us

Will receive us

As ever

We are free

To be

To let go

To choose


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  • Sieb
    Geplaatst op 08:27h, 29 oktober Beantwoorden

    20 jaar geleden schreef ik een liedje voor jou. Nu doe jij het voor mij.
    Prachtig. Love you ‘till the end.

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